/Episode 2: Fully Expressed and Beautifully You with Amber Sears

Episode 2: Fully Expressed and Beautifully You with Amber Sears

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The last time I was in Austin, I was a guest in the home of my good friends Amber Sears. Amber and I worked out together, had epic long talks, worked together, and cooked together – and upheld one of our favorite traditions which is baking pizza that satisfies the different eating styles in the house (from paleo to vegan to simply whole food based clean eating).

We also had a chance to sit down in her beautiful office space and record an epic conversation that I’m excited to share with you today, where we dove into many topics, including body shaming and body positivity, holding space and setting boundaries, the journey she’s been on to loving herself, and what it took for her to go from an unhealthy, draining relationship to now being now married to the love of her life.

I know you’ll get some real gold from this open and in-depth conversation. Enjoy!

Amber Sears is an international pilates and yoga teacher, holistic nutritionist, former professional dancer and business coach. She is the creator of Epic Self, and the host of the Soul Powered Podcast where she guides business owners with her heart centered purpose-driven work.

From her site: “My passion is helping others sculpt their most epic lifestyle and build businesses that serve others. My three branch approach with clients and students stem from the philosophy that mind, body and spirit are connected and equally significant in moment to moment health and ultimate longevity.”

In this episode you’ll discover:

How we nourish ourselves (2:24)

Amber’s story (10:26)

  • Amber’s Instagram@amberleesears (updated handle since this podcast was recorded)
  • Pressure to look, move and be a certain way
  • Being authentic and speaking your truth
  • Comparison and self-doubt
  • Inner self love work
  • People pleasing
  • Becoming the next version of yourself

The influences that shape us (16:19)

  • Images we see in magazines vs real life
  • Someone else’s idea of “flawless”
  • How societal pressures damage us
  • What being a true leader means

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Body positivity (20:43)

  • Celebrating all bodies
  • Shaming joyful expression
  • The most important thing is feeling comfortable in your body
  • Celebrating and rocking your own body

Breast Augmentation (23:00)

  • Amber’s choice to get breast augmentation
  • Facing judgement around our choices from others
  • Emotions and mental shifts that come with changing your body
  • Owning our choices and decisions
  • Breast implant sickness
  • The value of empowering and supporting each other

Social Media – the good and the bad (29:02)

  • Judgement from others on altering our appearances in any way
  • Diets, fitness, makeup and filters
  • Being comfortable in your body
  • Developing awareness around our judgements
  • Shifting our view of others
  • Compassion
  • Shifting the internal self dialogue
  • Accepting ourselves

Amber’s mission (32:30)

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Creating healthy relationships (36:05)

  • Self growth
  • Patterns in relationships
  • Abusive relationships
  • Narcissists/empaths roles
  • Guilt and shame
  • Finding strength
  • Conscious men
  • Self work to build inner worth
  • Attracting what you emit
  • Taking responsibility for your choices

Impactful and Inspiring media Amber recommends (46:26)

If I were to meet you in 10 years, who would I meet? (48:15)

How to connect with Amber (49:25)

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