/How Many CBD Gummies Should I Take Per Day?

How Many CBD Gummies Should I Take Per Day?

Are you curious about CBD gummies?

You might have thought they were merely another fad of multivitamin that all of your friends were taking. CBD gummies are not multivitamins, though; instead of giving your body nutrients like iron and vitamin C, they provide you with a different variety of health benefits. Seeing as they are different substances, this begs the question: how many should you take?

How does CBD work?

First, let’s briefly address what CBD is and how it works. The term is short for “cannabidiol,” which is one of over a hundred “cannabinoids” found in the cannabis plant. You are probably already familiar with THC, which is the cannabinoid famous for getting you high. THC also comes with an array of health properties, which is partly why medical marijuana has become as popular as it has in recent years.

However, CBD is not an intoxicant like THC, so it won’t make you feel “stoned.” Instead, people are taking it as a more natural alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. Your body already produces cannabinoids of its own (known as “endocannabinoids,” because they are inside your body), so adding similar compounds from a plant gives it a helpful boost.

Endocannabinoids work in conjunction with receptors and enzymes (they’re all part of your “endocannabinoid system”) to help your body maintain homeostasis. When CBD is added to the mix, your body has extra assistance keeping everything in balance: this is why people take CBD to treat ailments like pain, inflammation, insomnia, PTSD, anxiety, and epilepsy.

It is vital to note that CBD is not a cure-all. It merely treats symptoms of underlying issues to help you go about your day. For example, taking cannabidiol for generalized anxiety disorder can help calm your mind, but it will not make the disorder itself disappear.

Why people are taking gummies

CBD products come in all sorts of forms. Oils and tinctures are especially popular, but also available are lotions, creams, vapes, sprays, pills and more—and of course, edibles like gummies.

Unfortunately, cannabis products are still stigmatized in many places around the world, so you might attract a few odd looks from people who are not on board with cannabis yet if you take a drop of oil under your tongue in the middle of the day. Plus, lots of products made from hemp (the kind of cannabis that CBD products are legally sourced from in the US) taste earthy, so gummies are a fan favorite because they are discreet and taste delicious.

Another advantage of CBD edibles and pills is that you know almost exactly how much cannabidiol is in each piece. There’s a bit of guesswork with other products, but gummies and capsules tell you the concentration either in each edible or the container as a whole. For a list of delicious and reputable CBD gummies, Entrepreneur and Forbes have some excellent recommendations.

How much CBD is right for you

While most studies show that CBD is relatively safe, it’s still necessary to talk with your doctor beforehand to determine the proper dosage. Most people start small and work their way up until they attain the desired effects. You might need more than most people depending on your pain or discomfort level, but you want to gauge how your body will react before consuming too much.

As for how many gummies you should eat, it is improbable you will take more than two per day; probably one. The new question is what concentration you should purchase: some packages come with as little as 5mg per gummy, while others can have 10, 50, or anywhere in between. Many companies label the concentration of the entire container, so you may have to do a bit of math. One tasty brand, in particular, Verma Farms, sells 250mg and 500mg jars of CBD gummies with 12 counts and 24 counts, respectively. This totals to approximately 21mg of CBD per individual gummy.

Medicinal Cannabis

Besides concentration and desired effects, it’s also necessary to account for your tolerance and body weight (heavier people may require higher doses). Your body may build a tolerance for CBD over time, so talk with your doctor to determine what dosage and frequency are most likely to give you the relief you are hoping for.

Be cautious

Most evidence of CBD’s benefits in humans is anecdotal. A great deal more amount of research is required in order to understand cannabidiol better, so very little is known about how it interacts with other medicines. One study with mice found that CBD may have caused liver damage, so this is another reason why it is crucial to speak with your doctor beforehand, especially if you are already ingesting other drugs.

CBD gummies are not a miracle cure, but they are a delicious alternative to pharmaceutical drugs for treating symptoms like pain, inflammation, anxiety, and more. What dosage does your doctor recommend that you start with?


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